Total solution for inpatient pharmacy 1

Advantages and features:

1, The tablet packing system is used to pack automatically the drugs resulting in the significant increase of drug dispensing efficiency of pharmacy as the time for drug delivery is only 1/3 of manual dispensing.

2, In the inpatient pharmacy, the traditional drug dispensing is done manually in large part, i.e. the drug should be searched by eyes, taken by hands and recorded by brain. When the tablet dispensing machine is used, the drug could be packed automatically based on the single dose to decrease significantly the error rate in drug dispensing and delivery steps.

3, The single dose of drug that is packed automatically by means of packing machine may be identified by bar code or 2D code as the information of patient and medication on the single-dose package is clear and complete to ensure the medication safety of patient who has the right to know the information of medication.

4, The sealed single-dose package may decrease the possibility of drug to be contaminated and the cross-infection of patient.

5, The pharmacist may be released from the repeated labor such as drug dispensing and searching who will have more time to use in his/her won pharmaceutical duty.

6, The pharmacist may review the prescription online when logging in HIS system.

7, The nurses may conduct the verification based on the dispensing sheet who will not be required to verify the prescriptions one by one, thus their workload of verification may be decreased and they have more time to serve the patients.

8, The centralized management of inpatient pharmacy facilitates the improvement of pharmacy environment.

9, Improve the hospital pharmacy management and window image, as well as the patient satisfaction.

10, The management of drug batch may be implemented which facilitates the track and management of expiry date and medication information of drug.

11, Improve the medical quality and decrease the adverse events of some drugs caused by errors in drug dispensing; decrease the medical disputation and cost; improve the medical service and decrease the general cost of hospital.

12, Dual-revolution body of intelligent access system (proprietary technology) - Dual-revolution body could increase the dispensing speed compared with the single revolution body; the structure is simpler compared with the multiple revolution bodies, resulting in high utilization of drug storage space. It may delivery the irregular or friable package of drugs.