H2160 intelligent boxed drug quick dispensing system


Ø  A drug can be adjusted to use the various drug tanks freely as required to ensure the storage of the frequently dispensed drug.

Ø  The information management can be carried out by the system for the quantity, specification, lot number, expiry date and loading time of drugs in individual drug tanks. The daily statistic of the number of delivered drugs and loaded drugs can be provided as well.

Ø  Check function (physical + virtual).

Ø  The set of lower limit of drug storage is supported to realize the auto-warning if the drug reaches the lower limit of inventory, thus the pharmacist can load the drugs on the basis of the loading list.

Ø  The drug bank can be queried/added/deleted/modified to facilitate the replacement of drug package.

Ø  The inventory list can be printed for the check of the drug inventory by the pharmacy.

Ø  The different sizes of drug tank can be replaced conveniently after the replacement of drugs with the different appearances and sizes.