H1800 intelligent boxed drug quick dispensing system


Ø  The system gives the alarm automatically and indicates the position of failure.

Ø  Drug loading and delivery can be performed simultaneously to improve the efficiency.

Ø  Power-assistant drug tank and 0 degree of storage angle of drug tank, resulting in dust prevention, moisture prevention, free cleaning and higher storage volume.

Ø  Various sizes of drug tank to copy with the storage of different packages and sizes of drug.

Ø  The bar code scanner is used to scan the bar code of drug for identification of drug.

Ø  Alarm of loading fault – the system will alarm automatically if any incident occurs during the loading of loading machine and indicate this loading position; the loading and delivery process will not be affected if it is switched temporarily to manual processing.

Ø  There are prompts for number of bulk loaded drugs, position of stored drugs and number of inventory drugs in the loading interface.