H1440 intelligent boxed drug quick dispensing system


Ø  Automatic bulk medicine delivery based on the prescription of HIS system and the drugs sent to the specified dispensing window intelligently via the intelligent dispensing system.

Ø  Mean drug dispensing speed: 5 sec/prescription, 720 prescriptions can be processed hourly.

Ø  Vertical pillbox to protect against the occurrence of raising and overlapping when the pillbox is placed horizontally; higher density and storage volume of drug.

Ø  1440-2160 types of drug can be stored while the number of regular drugs loaded is more than 34560 boxes maximally.

Ø  Drug loaded with the intelligent mechanical arm, loading speed: 3200 boxes/hr.

Ø  The max number of drugs loaded in a roundtrip of intelligent loading mechanical arm: 50 boxes.

Ø  Single type, single batch and large quantity of drugs loaded with intelligent loading mechanical arm. The positioning technology is employed to place the drug in the appropriate medicine tank automatically.