C240 I intelligent access


Ø  Store the various packages of drug (boxed, solution, infusion drug, bottled drug and the like).

Ø  Dispensing method based on the optimal dispensing route.

Ø  Closed drug storage with the capacity of 12000-15000 boxes to increase the storage rate of drug by 60%.

Ø  Online manual and automatic control method. It can be connected seamlessly with HIS system of hospital to receive automatically the medical order and the device will rotate automatically to the specified drug position accordingly. It can be switched to manual mode for manual processing if the connection with HIS system is discontinued.

Ø  12″LCD touch screen is provided for operation with the Chinese simplified text on which the information of prescription and medicine can be displayed.

Ø  The system indicates automatically the position and number of drugs and the touch screen also indicates the information such as the drug position, number of dispensed drugs and batch number of drug simultaneously to ensure the correctness of the drug dispensing by pharmacist.