P350 automatic tablet packing machine


Ø  Provided with 350/400/500 pillboxes which can be used for selection of product models by hospital

Ø  Packing speed: 60 packs/min

Ø  Single-dose package: automatic printing of patient info and medication info, etc.

Ø  Vertical rotation structure for adding drug without the necessary for shutdown of the equipment

Ø  Software: prompt and operation of device to be provided based on the measures of graphics and text, list and voice; auto-verification and error-correction function; auto-subpacking for high dosage; auto-depacking based on the wards

Ø  Alarm for jammed and absent drug, as well as the unit fault; pre-warning for remained drugs

Ø  Collaborative work on the basis of double-units

Ø  The pillboxes are all intelligent ones; 350/400/500 pillboxes are provided for the hospital to select the product model

Ø  Auto-half-pill-split pillbox

Ø  Drug-dropping control tech specially for the pillbox

Ø  Parent-child pillbox

Ø  3 types of pillbox with the capacity more than any other pillbox in the market