The medicine intelligent access system, as a pharmacy automatic system, is based on the operating principle that the vertical rotational movement is used for addressing. The system will deliver the medicine to the pharmacist and indicates the location of the drug after the prescription information is received. The system may control and manage the access system with the various slewing mechanism via a computer, which is managed by the terminal control system. It can send the control instruction upon the receiving of the instruction of drug dispensing to make one (or more) medicine hopper(s) borne by the revolution body to be moved to the specified location and to supply the indications of position and amount, thus the pharmacist can take out the reasonable number of drugs manually. The system can be connected seamlessly with the HIS info system of hospital to receive the prescription information and rotate to the specified drug position; and to facilitate the manual accessing operation in the manual status. The system is used mainly in inpatient/outpatient pharmacy, central pharmacy and intravenous preparation center for storage of the various forms of drug (boxed, injection, infusion and bottled drugs), consumable and accessory, etc.
Intelligent access system

C240 I intelligent access

Feature: Ø  Store the various packages of drug (boxed, solution, i


C240 II intelligent access

Feature: Ø  Protective grating: when the error occurs in the actio