First “Auto-pharmacy” was put into service in Linyi City, Shandong province

Date :2014/5/13 9:03:45    Number:7562

2013-11-06 14:04:32      From: Yimeng Evening Newspaper

Recently, the first “Auto-pharmacy” was put into service in Cangshan County Hospital, Linyi City, Shandong province, which may reduce the waiting time that costs the patient in queuing and getting the medicine via the automatic system.

It is believed that the auto-dispenser (Willach, Germany) introduced by Cangshan County Hospital consists of automatic boxed drug dispenser and automatic mechanical arm dispenser. The equipment management system includes the computer control system, mechanical arm loading and storing system and the delivery system, which can be connected to HIS of the hospital to complete the whole process of prescription printing, charging, auto-identification and auto-dispensing. In the process, the patient swipes the card and the information will be transferred to dispenser; then the machine dispenses the drugs automatically to the corresponding drug delivery port as the dispensing personnel can confirm the completion of pre-dispensing following his/her card is swiped. At this point, the digital call system outside the pharmacy will display the name of patient and call him/her to get the drugs at the appropriate dispensing window.

Since the operation of auto-dispenser, the time which the patients use in waiting for medicines after the card is swiped is less than 2 minutes in the off-peak hours while the waiting time in peak hours is less than 5 minutes. Thus, the system can reduce significantly the waiting time and ease the queuing and crowd in getting the medicine, and the drug dispensing becomes more orderly and efficient. (Zhu Jianfeng) (Intern editor: Qu Meina)