Auto-pharmacy enters Shengze Hospital

Date :2014/5/13 9:09:03    Number:11088

Auto-pharmacy enters Shengze Hospital

2014-03-07 09:32:17  From: Urban Commerce

When uncle Sun got the medicines two days after he undertook the operation, he found some different signs. He remembered that the tablets he got were mixed and put in a small cup as he was admitted for the gall stone. Now the drugs he got were classified very clearly in which each of drugs was packed in a small bag on which the patient name, drug name and administration time and dose were printed, in this way uncle Sun felt very easy.

This small change before the patient’s eyes is in fact cannot be ignored. The original manual dispensing was discarded as the two intelligent medicine access systems, an automatic single-dose packing machine, an automatic medicine stripping machine were introduced into the central pharmacy of Jiangsu Shengze Hospital which realize the automation of the central pharmacy.

It is believed that the automatic single-dose packing machine introduced in Jiangsu Shengze Hospital may pack precisely the dose administrated in each meal for the patient in the medicine bag on which the patient information, administration time and details of packed drug are printed. “This not only makes the patient knowing the drugs who shall take, but also saves the time of the nurse in pharmacy, and decreases the possibility of containment or error of the medicines.” Yuan Hongyu, the head of pharmacy department of Jiangsu Shengze Hospital, told the reporter. Moreover, the reporter knew further that these services were free of charge.

The so-called intelligent access system is a revolution to the traditional dispensing process which may used to store any package of medicines such as tablet, injection, oral solution and external preparation with types of stored drug more than 240. The real-time query and management of real-time inventory, storage location, in/out information and expiry date of drug realizes the synchronic dispensing overall for the drugs in central pharmacy. When the medical order is received by the pharmacy, the central control system will receive and monitor automatically the information and send the information to the intelligent access control system which will run automatically when the medial order is received to the appropriate location and indicate the required drugs automatically. The pharmacist may obtain the medicines in the front of the computer based on the prompts from the system and the laser positioning, and may also verify the drug information. In general, a prescription can be completed only in 2-3 minutes, reducing significantly the dispensing time and the dispensing error.

Furthermore, the reporter found that the hardware in central pharmacy of Shengze Hospital has been improved significantly in addition to the update of software. The central pharmacy now is spacious and bright with the clearly divided areas including packing room, auto-storage, dispensing desk, delivery area, secondary storehouse, office area…and the temperature/humidity control devices are equipped specially to ensure the proper conditions for the storage of medicines.