Social recruitment

Date:2014/5/12 14:41:54    Number:7837

(一)            Social recruitment

Supplement application form – e-form 2014.1.8

Shenzhen R&D Center of Chendu Laoken Technology Co, Ltd

Application form of staff (job) supplement

No.: HR-FORM-C006-001-00P:

pplication department

Toxic and anesthetic injection


Electronic engineer

Number of supplemented staffs


Expected registration time

Before Jan. 25, 2013

Application reason

Supplement for vacancy  □ Expansion of staffing  □ Other:

Details: increase of R&D project and staffs


Age: none  Sex: M/F  Profession:  Education: bachelor

Requirement of working experience:

> 2 years

Requirements of experts and skills:

Electronics related profession

Other requirements (comprehensive quality, professional ethics and so on):

Solidarity, open-minded, easy to communication


1.  Excellent Basic Knowledge and application experience in analog and digital circuit, excellent programming technique in C language and rich experience in hardware debugging;
2.  Favorable teamwork spirit and communication ability, suitable for development mode of team collaboration;
3. Familiar with EDA software design schematic like PROTEL and Altium, as well as PCB, having the experience in EMC;
4. Successful case in developing the embedded core of 8 bits (51 series of MCU)/32 bits (STM32F103 series) and familiar with KEIL development environment;
5. Familiar with the common communication protocols such as RS232/485/422, CAN, USB, SPI and I2C;
6. The experience in control hardware/software of step motor, DC motor and AC motor is preferred;
7. The experience in the product of mechatronics control of medical instruments and devices is preferred.

Suggestion of recruitment channel

Comments of application department

Comments of HR department

Comments of company leaders

Note: The recruitment cycle for the employee of the middle management or above is generally 3-10 months while the cycle for professionals in other functional departments such as technical development, finance, marketing, procurement, quality management department, manufacture management department, HR department, intellectual property, culture and media and administration and logistics is in general 1-3 months, and the recruitment cycle of staff in warehouse management, test, material hander, technical job and team leader is generally 15-30 days; the recruitment cycle of production and logistics operator is generally 7-15 days. The time to join the job should be determined by the individual departments based on the recruitment cycle.

2.          Supplement application form – software 2014.1.8

3. Supplement application form – registered engineer

(二) Campus recruitment

1. Procurement department

2.       Management department

3. International trade

4.       Domestic marketing

5. Technical R&D

6.       Market department

7. Civil service