President’s speech

Speech of Chairman of the Board

Dear friends, at the time of registering our website, our cooperation begins. Our website will tell you the enterprise culture, operation concept, team spirit and the latest products of Kokoon.

Since its establishment, Kokoon is devoted to grow into a one-stop service provider for the total solution of pharmacy automation in the whole hospital. There are a lot of super talents in our company with the same target. They spare no effort for success.

Faced with furious competition, the Company will further exert its advantages in human resource, technology, fund and marketing, insistent on the consistency between economy efficiency and social efficiency, promote the enterprise spirit of to take people as foundation, admire trust, development enterprise harmoniously and service society, so as to master opportunity, achieve innovation and progress and accelerate the development of enterprises.

In next years, supported by science and technology and supplemented by the operation of other projects, Kokoon will firmly carry out its strategy of More Focused, More Professional. In pursue of cooperation with sincere and devilment with reputation, the Company will expand enterprise scale and strength in accordance with the principle of scientific decision, professional investment and modern management.

Website will shorten the distance between us and the timely and individual service will smooth our communication. Our friend bridge will bring you with new sight and careful service. Your visit and message are highly expected to start our mutual communication and development.